Drywall repair and texture

Your drywall generally consists of several panels of 3/8-1/2″ thickness comprising gypsum and other materials. Each panel is sandwiched between thick sheets of facer and backer paper. The panels are seamed one to another using drywall joint compound. This gifts it with flexibility – but also makes it uniquely vulnerable.

Being relatively thin, holes are very often formed in the drywall as result of impact, furniture moving, nail removal and various other factors. An easy way to repair drywall holes is to patch them with a drywall tape for holes which is in fact a drywall reinforcement mesh. After inserting the tape, the surface must be skim coated several times with a spackling paste or a drywall compound. Although drywall tape for holes and drywall compound are available at any hardware store and the process is theoretically easy – a professional touch will obviously give you incomparably better results.

The thinness and composition of the drywall panels also make it especially vulnerable to moisture. Following events such as flooding, roof leakage or even a routine floor washing – the drywall paper near the floor peels, and the gypsum starts to soften. These require you to make a thorough drywall repair near the floor.

At first glance, drywall repair and texture are two different types of job, but actually they assist each other. A thorough and professional drywall repair enables you to easily apply any desired texture that will last for a long period of time. A texture work made with the proper techniques hides any imperfections that inevitably appear on the wall throughout time, and saves you the need to frequently repair the drywall.

Are drywall repair and texture home improvement jobs or works of art? Patch Wall Pro’s make the difference!

Patch Wall Pro’s believe that your home deserves not a repair but an art work. Our skilled and experienced crew use the best materials and tools to do a beautiful drywall repair and texture job leaving zero tracks and leftovers. We start with a thorough drywall repair near the floor followed by properly covering holes and preparing it for a perfect texture work that only your home deserves!

When you need drywall repair and texture, leave the worries behind and the job for Patch Wall Pro’s!

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