Fix a Hole in Ceiling Coming from Water Damage

The composition of the drywall panels and their thinness make them especially vulnerable to moisture. Water penetration to walls as result of water leaks coming from the roof, steam or other sources can cause drywall tape peeling above the joints as well as mold or wetting on different areas in the drywall panels.

The drywall panels most prone to water damage are obviously those located on the ceiling. Therefore, regardless of how you plan to maintain your ceiling – if water penetration to the roof is not taken care of, you will very frequently find yourself having to fix a hole in the ceiling from water damage or fix a crack in drywall ceiling.

As cracks are usually formed in the joints of the drywall panels where the drywall tape is applied, if you get to fix a crack in drywall ceiling, you will probably have to fix drywall tape coming off.

To prevent drywall tape from coming off, you must first verify that there are no nail pops, since they damage the drywall paper around them as well as drywall tape causing it to peel. Therefore, before starting to fix drywall tape coming off, you must fix ceiling nail pops. It is also highly recommended to fix sagging drywall ceiling, if there is.

Patch wall pro’s skilled and professional crew uses the highest quality tools and materials to renew your ceiling from A to Z. If all you want is to fix a hole in the ceiling deriving from water damage, we will gladly do it. However, When Patch Wall Pro’s come to your house, we look forward not only to fix the problem but to minimize the energy you spend for maintenance throughout time.

Therefore, when it comes to fix a hole in ceiling coming from water damage, we provide remedies for all the problems that can cause ceiling damage in the future. When we fix a hole in the ceiling coming from water damage, we recommend the house owner to order preventative work to avoid future problems. This includes several repairs. The first is to fix ceiling nail pops. If needed, we fix a crack in drywall ceiling and fix drywall tape coming off. Finally, if there is any sagging drywall ceiling we fix it too.

Contact Patch Wall Pro’s and get your drywall ceiling renewed for a long time!

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