Repair drywall cut out

Your drywall generally consists of several panels of 3/8-1/2″ thickness comprising gypsum and other materials. Each panel is sandwiched between thick sheets of facer and backer paper. The panels are seamed to each other using drywall joint compound, and a drywall tape is applied on the joints for reinforcement. The special structure of the drywall panels and the way they are connected each to another, can lead to the development of various problems over time.

Due to of the thinness of the drywall, it sometimes gets cut out in different places. As result, holes form in the drywall. Outlets are especially prone to this type of problem. Whether you need to repair an outlet hole in drywall or repair drywall cut out, you can definitely do it by yourself without much difficulty. However, it is slightly harder to repair a drywall cut out than to repair an outlet hole in drywall. To repair a drywall cut out you have to make a rectangular cut around the hole and insert a piece of drywall instead. To repair an outlet hole in drywall, all you need is to apply a reinforcing mesh and some drywall compound over it.

When the seams between the drywall panels start to loosen, two things can occur. Cracks can form above the drywall panel joints, and the paper starts peeling. Whether you want to repair drywall seam cracks, or to repair drywall tape peeling, the process is pretty much the same. It involves scraping the surface, removing the old tape and applying the new one after applying drywall compound.

If you have a sharp eye, you might come across bumps in the paper covering the drywall. This is a result of protrusive nails beneath the drywall paper, also known as ‘nail pops’. Nail pops damage the drywall paper around them, causing it to loosen and lift. It’s not very hard to repair nail pops in drywall -what is more challenging is to match the repaired surface to the surrounding.

Although these aforementioned problems are relatively simple to fix, you probably want to ensure a thorough and clean job with a perfect finish. To perfectly repair drywall seam cracks or even to repair drywall tape peeling leaving your walls smooth as before, a professional touch is required. Especially when you need to repair drywall cut out where you actually have to install a piece of drywall.

Patch Wall Pro’s use the materials and tools of the highest quality to repair all types of drywall problems perfectly and neatly, leaving you a smooth and shiny wall and perfectly blending of the repaired areas with the surrounding color and texture.

For all your drywall needs, leave the worries behind and the job to Patch Wall Pro’s!

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