Replacing Drywall Tape on Ceiling

Your drywall generally consists of several panels of 3/8-1/2″ thickness comprising gypsum and other materials. Each panel is sandwiched between thick sheets of facer and backer paper. The panels are seamed one to another using drywall joint compound and the joints are covered by and adhesive drywall tape.

The composition of the drywall panels and their thinness make it especially vulnerable to moisture. Water penetration to walls as result of water leaks coming from the roof, steam or other sources can cause drywall tape peeling above the joints as well as mold or wetting on different areas in the drywall panels. Sooner or later, especially if you live in an aged house, the time comes for replacing drywall tape on the ceiling, replacing drywall with mold or replacing wet drywall.

Moisture affects not only the appearance of the wall but also its structural rigidity, eventually causing it to collapse completely. Therefore, replacing wet drywall panels is super critical and urgent because they simply can’t be repaired.

The same applies if you come across mold on drywall. Replacing the drywall panel with the mold is even more urgent. Mainly because throughout time it spreads further throughout the walls and damages not only the property in the house but also the health of its residents.

While replacing whole drywall panels is something you are probably not going to do by yourself, replacing drywall tape on ceiling can definitely be carried out in the amateur level. However, if you’re concerned about finishing the job with a long-lasting renewed ceiling with a perfect blending of the joints with the surrounding texture and color, what you need is a professional touch. This is why replacing drywall tape on ceiling is a job for Patch Wall Pro’s.

The Patch Wall Pro’s team features solely skilled and experienced technicians and uses the highest quality tools and materials to perform a masterful renewal of your drywall leaving zero tracks and leftovers.

When the time comes for replacing damaged drywall panels or drywall tape on the ceiling, leave your worries behind and the job for the Patch Wall Pro’s!

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