Spackling nail holes in drywall

In recent years, drywall has become increasingly prevalent in private houses and offices. It’s easy to install and easy to shape – and it’s also the most cost-effective construction material in the market.

One of the advantages of the drywall is that it enables you to easily insert nails, screws and anchors and hang lighting, décor and other various items on drywall walls and ceilings.

However, once you make changes in your house or just move into a pre-occupied house, you will probably find yourself dealing with empty nail holes. Moreover, as result of sloppy insertion or removal of nails and screws, you sometimes find small cracks in drywall.

Spackling nail holes in drywall is considered by most houseowners a minor issue and they therefore tend to try doing it by themselves. When it comes to spackling cracks in walls, they would maybe call an inexperienced handyman. This is not necessarily the best course of action to undertake. A slopy spackling job can leave visible spackle stains around the nail hole, as well as high spots, globs and ridges. This forms an uneven and unappealing appearance of the drywall. This is especially relevant if you have a textured or colored drywall.

Delaying the job is not something you would want to do, especially when it concerns small cracks in drywall, which eventually become large.

However, for the Patch Wall pro’s, it’s not about ‘spackling nail holes in drywall’ or ‘spackling cracks in walls’. It’s about rejuvenating the wall!

The Patch Wall Pro’s crew doesn’t consist of professionals, but artists! Patch Wall Pro’s use the highest quality materials and tools to make sure no one will ever be able to tell there nail holes, cracks ever existed the drywall we handle. With our unique touch, spackling nail holes in drywall is done without leaving any tracks, perfectly matching the surrounding color and texture.

Spackling nail holes in drywall is not a job for amateurs, not in your house. Contact Patch Wall Pro’s and rejuvenate your drywall!

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