Drywall Mold Solution

Drywall mold is no light matter. It can lead to serious respiratory disorders – even death! That is why it is so important to remove mold as soon as there are any indications whatsoever that it has established a foothold in your drywall. In fact, if you do not take immediate remedial action, the mold will spread and will make a more radical solution, such as removal and replacement of the entire drywall surface necessary.

Fortunately, Patch Wall Pro experts know all the tricks of the trade for getting rid of that pesky mold, and making sure that it does not come back, either. First, we will assess the situation and see whether dryw all removal is in fact called for, and how extensive it needs to be to eliminate the infestation. If we judge the situation to be not too far gone, then, after ensuring that your room is appropriately ventilated, and protecting the surrounding areas with plastic wrap, will we apply the most advanced mold removal solutions on the market (Concrobium is our favorite) and scrub it in good and deep. We carefully dry the area with a heavy-duty electric fan (you don’t want that mold coming back to nestle in the dampness, do you), and apply stain blocking primer and paint that matches the surrounding surface.

What happens if the mold is too pervasive or widespread, which generally happens if the wall is not painted with a proper mold resistant layer? Well, we won’t sugarcoat it – the drywall will have to go. But the good news is that we can patch it up, good as new, so you won’t even notice the difference. Contact Patch Wall Pro today, before the mold infection spreads, to find out more.

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