Drywall StainSolution

Sometimes you find yourself with your back to the (dry)wall. And there really is no choice but to completely remove it, either in order to create a larger space inside your home or as a preparatory step for its replacement following extensive damage.

It is not a process to enter into lightly, which is why Patch Wall Pro’s experts will pay you a personal visit and analyze all of the requirements of the project. We will then very carefully calculate the price of performing the project to spec and give you a full and precise quote. No hidden costs – what you see is what you get. And that includes the removal process – we won’t leave you choking in the debris.

Do not be tempted to do this sort of project on your own to save a few dollars. Our experts have the equipment and training to get it done rapidly and safely, while avoiding electrical hazards or banging up pipes in a way that will damage drywalls you have no intention of removing.

First, we will prep your home for the drywall removal process – which means dismantling all door and window frames. All the moldings on the walls will have to go, and this includes baseboards, electrical cover plates, switches and crown moldings. After that we will begin removing the larger drywall sections, prying the nails out with a pry bar. Once the bigger pieces are removed, we will start pulling out the smaller pieces near the nails, and then, finally will pry out all remaining nails.

Then comes the cleanup stage, and you can rest assured that Patch Wall Pro is as meticulous about cleaning up as we are about tearing out- the room you return to will be spotless and ready for use.

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