Drywall Repair

Here’s the deal – the interior of your home is most likely coated with gypsum wallboard. You’ve probably heard it referred to as drywall. You may also be familiar with it by its trade name, sheetrock. But by whatever name you know it, day to day living in the apartment takes its toll on the drywall. Kids, unsurprisingly, accelerate the process. So after a year or two you can expect to begin seeing cracks, holes, dents and peeling joint tape. These faults are not just unsightly – they also absolutely must be repaired if you want to paint your walls in a new color, or simply refresh the fading hues of your current coat of paint.

You could probably do it yourself with the right tools… and if you had the time… and if you don’t mind the kids running underfoot while you are patching up. Or, if you live in the New York City/ New Jersey Area, Patch Wall Pros will be happy to take care of any issues for you.

The doorknob dent is the drywall repair issue you are most likely to encounter. It develops when the door is pushed open just a bit too forcefully (and if you have kids in the house this probably happens. A lot). When that happens the doorknob has the unfortunate tendency of punching a hole through the drywall. Fortunately, fixing this is a simple affair, and we can be in and out of your apartment in no time at all – we just apply a patch over the dent, press joint compound through the mesh, wait for the compound to dry, sand lightly, repeat with another, thinner layer, and then repeat again. Then we dry, sand, prime, and paint over in the exact same hue of the rest of your wall. Presto – job done.

Other issues, such as sagging ceilings, corner bead damage, or cracks beneath your window require a bit more time and finesse, but Patch Wall Pro’s experts are more than up for the challenge.

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