Drywall Restoration

Gypsum drywall is porous, and soluble in water. So when it gets wet it can turn into a major issue. And here’s the thing – it will happen. The roof is leaky, condensation from your central air conditioning accumulates, or flooding occurs. And then you are face to face with a water damaged, possibly mildewed drywall. This can be a pretty stressful situation! Fortunately, Patch Wall Pro is happy to perform full restoration services for your drywall.

If the drywall just gets wet and begins to sag a bit before it dries, then fixing it might just require pushing it back in position, securing it in place, and then painting it over with stain killing paint. But this quick fix won’t do if the drywall goes all soft on you. If that happens the gypsum will crumble when it dries, and the paper will separate from the wall. When that happens, we need to cut out the water damaged sections ASAP, before the rot

spreads. And we also need to make sure that there is no water accumulating above your wall or ceiling – and to drain out any water that might have already piled up there.

How much of the drywall will we remove? Well, FEMA’s recommendation is to remove 4 feet of drywall if flooding water levels are below 2.5 feet (and we certainly wish no one experience anything worse!) but when the source of the water damage is from above, or more diffuse, then much more might need to be removed. The sooner you call us in, however, then the sooner we can get the job done and the less chance the mold will have to spread .

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