Drywall Spackling and Skim Coating

Drywall Spackling and Skim Coating at home

Skim coating means applying a very thin coat of joint compound (“mud”). We usually do that when the wall and ceiling surfaces have small irregularities which need to be smoothed over. We might need to apply only a single coat of mud to conceal tiny irregularities, or we might use several coats to build up a super smooth and finished surface. We might do it over a very small area – or we might apply it to the entire wall. It all depends on the specific situation, and we will be sure to give you a customized price quote suitable to your individual situation.
Instead the drywall compound (“mud we might use spackle to get the job done. Spackle is made up of gypsum powder mixed with binders. It is more elastic, minimizing shrinkage, it dries more rapidly, and does not require multiple coats.

However, it’s swiffer drying time (only 30 minutes) also means that it is less suitable for big jobs where we might need to replace part of the drywall.

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