Drywall StainSolution

The most common cause of drywall staining is water. And that’s bad news, because the immediate problem you absolutely must deal with is not the stain, but the cause of the water seepage or leakage. Finding the source, eliminating it, and draining the water pooled above your ceiling or wall needs to be your #1 priority. Nor are your troubles over once you eliminate the leakage/seepage – mold may have set in in the rear of the drywall, requiring decontamination with an appropriate mold removal.

Patch Wall Pro experts are able and ready to deal with those issues immediately – but even once the immediate danger is eliminated, you still have an unsightly stain on your wall and that is no good.

Fortunately, we don’t leave a job half done. After drying the wall thoroughly with a high-grade electric fan, our experts will apply bleach, or other anti-mold agents, to the stain. Then, once the wall has a chance to dry out (and with our high-power fans, this takes less than an hour rather than a day), it’s time to apply a coat of stain -blocking oil, or possibly a water – based primer to the stain and the surrounding area. Once the primer dries out, then it is time to paint the ceiling or wall with the appropriate color. If the ceiling has not been painted for a while, then the repair may appear a bit lighter than the rest of the surface – which is one reason why we recommend the entire ceiling be cleaned and painted. The other, non-aesthetic reason, of course, is that this is the best preventive measure you can take against mold.

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