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Drywall Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Are you looking for Drywall Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ? Patch Wall Pro provide Drywall Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ with precision, professionalism and great customer care. Having issues with your drywall and do not know how to go about things? Sometimes you might find out that you desire more space and wish you remove that wall completely!

No worries! There are protocols to follow.

  • Patch Wall Pro’s experts will pay you a personal visit and examine your drywall to find out the necessary problem areas, after which a thorough analysis of the requirements will be done.
  • Careful examination of the project will be carried out so that a comprehensive quote will be generated and analysis all of the requirements of the project, which also includes the removal process.
  • We strongly do not recommend DIY approaches because they leave your drywall more damaged than the initial contact. Do not be tempted to fix your drywall to save a few dollars. Get expert help because our experts have the equipment and training to get it done rapidly and safely. In addition, proper care will also be taken to ensure electrical hazards are kept at bay and banging up pipes are not further damaged.
  • To prepare your home for the drywall removal process, we will carry out the following:
  • Dismantle all door and window frames depending on the drywall service being provided. All the moldings on the walls will have to go, and this includes baseboards, electrical cover plates, switches, and crown moldings.
  • Remove larger drywall sections and this will involve prying the nails out with a pry bar. Once the bigger pieces are removed, we will start pulling out the smaller pieces near the nails, and then, finally will pry out all remaining nails.
  • The intensive cleanup stage follows after the necessary tearing out has been done. Rest assured that Patch Wall Pro is keen on excellence and will provide you with the very best.

For more information about our Drywall Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ, call Patch Wall Pro at (201) 897-1835.

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Drywall Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ