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Mold Removal in NJ

Are you looking for Mold Removal in NJ? Patch Wall Pro provide Mold Removal in NJ with precision, professionalism and great customer care. Mold infestation on your walls is not health-friendly! This is why you have to get rid of them as soon as possible. Drywall mold is no light matter. Molds have been implicated in causing serious respiratory disorders, this is why it is so important to get rid of them as soon as they are noticed. You should endeavor to remove mold as soon as there are any indications whatsoever that it has established a foothold in your drywall. When molds are not taken care of on time, they can spread rapidly and therefore require a more radical solution, such as removal and replacement of the entire drywall surface necessary--which will cost more.

We are here for you! Patch Wall Pro experts know all the tricks of the trade for getting rid of that pesky mold and making sure that it does not come back. Our team of experts knows the exact recommendation that will suit your drywall and help to get rid of the mold completely.

Here are the steps that we will embark on,

Firstly, the situation will be assessed and the extent of affection will be determined as this will affect the kind of solution prescription that will be made. If the situation is such that can easily be remediated, then the most advanced mold removal solutions on the market (Concrobium is our favorite) will be applied. This will be done while ensuring that your room is appropriately ventilated, and surrounding areas are protected with plastic wrap. We will also ensure that this procedure is carried out carefully. We carefully dry the area with a heavy-duty electric fan (you don’t want that mold coming back to nestle in the dampness) and apply a stain-blocking primer and paint that matches the surrounding surface.

What happens in the face of widespread infestation?

When a widespread infestation occurs, and the mold is found to be too pervasive, the drywall will have to go. However, we can help to patch things up and make it look like it never had any issues.

Make that move today and contact Patch Wall Pro today to salvage that mold infestation before it gets out of hand!

N: B Mold infestation happens when the wall is not painted with a proper mold-resistant layer.

For more information about our Mold Removal in NJ, call Patch Wall Pro at (201) 897-1835.

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Mold Removal in NJ