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Wall Staining in Hudson County, NJ

Are you looking for Wall Staining in Hudson County, NJ? Patch Wall Pro provide Wall Staining in Hudson County, NJ with precision, professionalism and great customer care. When you see water and drywall, you know it’s a bad combo.

Water is the most prominent cause of drywall staining available. It’s especially interesting that the first thing you need to do to get rid of drywall staining is not to clear the stain itself. Instead, you need to look into the cause of the stain and the water leakage.

The most important priority when there’s drywall staining is to find the source of the water leakage. From there, you can eliminate the source and drain any water that has pooled over the ceiling or wall.

But, your troubles aren’t done there. Mold might have set in the rear area of the drywall, and this will need proper decontamination by a mold removal expert.

Our experts at Patch Wall Pro can help to deal with these issues immediately. But even when they’re done, you will have an ugly stain on your wall. Definitely not great if you’re trying to impress.

Fortunately, we’re not the type of people to leave a job halfway. Once we’re done drying the wall with an electric fan, we will apply bleach and other anti-mold agents to the stain to ensure that those pesky molds never appear again.

From there, we give the wall a chance to dry out and apply a coat of stain-blocking oil or some other water-based primer to the stain and other surrounding areas. Once the primer is dry, it’s time to paint the wall or ceiling and get it glistening again.

If the ceiling has an old hue of paint, then the repaired area will appear lighter than the other parts of the surface. This is why we recommend that you clean and paint the entire ceiling. Complete repainting will also help you to take care of any mold and prevent their return.

For more information about our Wall Staining in Hudson County, NJ, call Patch Wall Pro at (201) 897-1835.

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Wall Staining in Hudson County, NJ